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Plymouth Day Trip

19.05.2013    |    Posted by:
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Plymouth is a vibrant South Shore town whose seaside views are enriched by local history. Quaint shops, fantastic restaurants and activities on the water coupled with historical sites and reenactments will leave you thoroughly satisfied with your visit. 

You can spend a whole day at Plimoth Plantation, home of several outdoor living exhibits that provide a glimpse into the lives of the Pilgrims and Native Americans who called Plymouth home in the 1600’s. The first outdoor exhibit you encounter is the Wampanoag Homesite. Visit a recreation of the lives of 17th-century Wampanoags as you view the homes they lived in, their daily activities and culture. The staff at the Wampanoag Site are Native People dressed in historically accurate clothing. Speaking from a modern perspective about the culture and history of the Wampanoags, they are a wealth of knowledge, so come with questions! Next, you can to stroll the 17th-Century English Village, a recreation of the small farming and maritime community of Pilgrims in Plymouth. The year is 1627, and you can meander through the timber-framed homes and gardens at your own pace. Be sure to chat with the “residents” of Plymouth Colony (costumed role players who have adopted the life histories of Pilgrims.)

Check out the fully functional Plimoth Grist Mill, a reconstruction of the original grist mill that once stood in the same place. Organic stone-ground cornmeal from the mill is sold in the Museum Shop. Another must-see in Plymouth is the Pilgrim Memorial State Park, which boasts sweeping views of Plymouth Harbor and a full scale reproduction of the Mayflower. Venture aboard the Mayflower II to learn about the voyage of the Mayflower. Steps away from the Mayflower II is Plymouth Rock, the most visited rock in all of New England! According to legend, it is is the rock that the Pilgrims first landed on when they arrived in Plymouth.

Plymouth has a lot more to offer than just its history, the Plymouth Whale Watch (508-747-3434) runs daily and guarantees sightings! Join the crew and travel on the 100’ boat to the feeding grounds of Humpback Whales and other Mammals. Also, be sure to explore the Village Landing Marketplace, a quaint shopping village with views of Plymouth Harbor. 

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